WellComb Home! - Quarantine Shelter


Temporary Home Care Shelter
Delivered on Demand.

In this health crisis we are experiencing with so many who are contagious or at-risk who simply have no room at home to protect themselves and their loved ones without risk of exposure. Here's a way to get instantly available isolation dwellings that can be a temporary home or care facility.

We Have Your Solution.

Home Care Cottage


WellComb Home

A Home Care Cottage.

A WellComb Home can be assembled anywhere in a few hours by our team or yours. Create a temporary or long term Home Care Cottage for more isolated space.

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"At Home Isolation Shelter Service"?

These products, and a full service to deliver, assemble, maintain, and remove your WellComb Home as needed will be available in 2021. Pricing to be posted in January.

Let us know below if you want to talk or stay informed as we roll out this service. We expect to serve individuals and institutions with turnkey solutions to isolated home care.


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