Our Mission

"Today's the day!"

Make it simple, fun, and fast to transition from a consumer lifestyle in a destructive system to an abundance lifestyle in a creative one.

The GeoComb Sustainability Initiative brings together the desire for a better way with the means to begin today. Instant connections to brilliant choices can enable us to begin to build scalable localized regenerative community infrastructure while building upon and improving the rich essence of our interconnected modern societies.

GeoComb Homes is here to design, produce, and integrate a wide range of rapid installation building components. We intend to make sure it is easy to install future facing homes and communities. We'll maximize the negative emmision footprint and seek to sequester the most carbon as possible in ongoing materials research and selection.

The business will be structured on Regenerative Economics and Distributed Ownership


Images of our products are computer generated except: the Prototype 1. interior views, and 2. photoshopped into the "Yard Scene".