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Our Launch Strategy has shifted. Early Bee pre-ordering as a group has been postponed and replaced with two new offers.

Founding Sponsors

Planning for the public release of our initial product offerings will be anchored by Founding Sponsors who will be invited to fund the final development of the model in their category to begin production. These Seed Funders will be rewarded with either profit sharing or royalty contracts on sales of the model version they pre-order and fund. Founding Sponsors can be individuals, businesses, or partnerships. Structure and Terms will be negotiated individually.

Production Pre-Orders

After the Founding Sponsors Model Prototypes are tested and complete, Production can begin. Place and reserve your order now so your project can be among the first to be delivered!

You'll begin to see links to feature articles about what we have planned ahead right here and in GeoComb News.

This questionnaire is a way to help us begin get an idea of what you are looking for. You'll have a chance to talk about or change any of the details as we pick your set of components. Priority for the limited number of Pre Order reservations will be given to applicants according to the time of contact whether in the time stamp of these forms or when you first contact us by any other means. More information about this offer can be seen in the Terms and Conditions.

Pre-Orders can include the floor, walls, 1 door, 2 - 3 windows and the roof plus the upgrade options available now for comfortable living that may include kitchen, closet, bathroom, skylight, and other options.Seed Funding includes the cost of final design and the final production prototype. The elements of an off-grid living component system are expected to become available starting in 2021.

Just filling out this form gets you to the "front of the line" for ordering whether or not you decide to become a Sponsor.

Get on this list now if you are even thinking about it.

Thanks, we appreciate your interest very much.

Each 120 sq. ft. platform with any wall, door, opening, or window, and roof combo is a unit.
Will you need a permit for your installation and therefore HUD or State certified components under local building codes? Select "No" if you are choosing TinyComb components for un-permitted use of similar quality but without the added cost of 3rd Party Certification.
In a few words, will this be an extra bedroom, an ADU, a cabin in the country, etc
Tell us a little about the location your GeoComb would be placed. Is it level, sloped, backyard, rural, etc.
If budget and land weren't an issue, what size would it be and what other features would you want? What kind of extras would you like to add?

All product images are computer generated and/or photoshopped, except these Prototype views.